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Mysore Pak

The word "Mysore pack" Does wonders to an indian's palate (esp. A south Indian). 

Here is some background of Mysore Pak.

As the legend goes, several decades ago Mysore Pak originated in the royal kitchens of he Mysore Palace. Kakasura Madappa, a cook in the royal kitchen, pr pared a mixture of gram flour, ghee and sugar o produce a delicacy for his Highness Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV.

When the King asked adappa he name of the delicious savoury, he spantaneously named it 'Mysore Paka', since 'paka' in Kannada means sweets . Now it is popularly known as Mysore Pak.

Over generations, Mysore Pak, a traditional South Indian sweet, has topped the list of must have sweets and is often referred to as he King of Sweets.

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