Blog : First Solar Eclipse Of 2020- June 21st
First Solar Eclipse Of 2020- June 21st

This year's first Solar eclipse is happening on 21st June 2020.

Here are the details of Annual solar eclipse:

Start Time:10:12 AM

Peak Time : 11:47 AM

End Time:1:31 PM

Effects of Eclipse As per Astrology:

Good Effect:Simha (Lion), Kanya (Virgo),Makara (Capricorn),Mesha(Aries)

Mixed Effect:Tula(Libra) ,Dhanassu (Sagittarius) ,Kumba (Aquarius),Vrushabha (Taurus)

Bad Effect: Mithuna (Gemini),Karka (Cancer) ,Vruschika (Scorpio),Meena (Pisces)

Eclipse happens on Mrugashira Nakshatra of Meena Raashi.

How Solar Eclipse Happens?:

A solar eclipse happens during the New Moon when the Sun, Moon and Earth align in a straight line (3 celestial bodies form a straight line: Earth-Moon-Sun) or form an almost straight configuration to cast a shadow on the Earth blocking the rays of Sun.

Types of Solar Eclipses:

Total Solar Eclipse: A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon completely covers the Sun, as seen from Earth.

Partial Solar Eclipse: A partial solar eclipse happens when the Moon only partially obscures the disk of the Sun and cast only its penumbra on earth.

Annual Solar Eclipse: An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon appears smaller than the Sun as it passes centrally across the solar disk and the Sun's outer edges remain visible to form a ring of fire in the sky.

A hybrid solar eclipse is a rare form of a solar eclipse, which changes from an annular to a total solar eclipse, and vice versa, along its path.

If anyone needs more information on this eclipse, please comment below. We are happ to provide details.