Blog : Entertain kids and elders when staying home
Entertain kids and elders when staying home




                LOCKDOWN-We know today's condition in India, because COVID-19 is a pandemic disease. It can spread in India very fast due to the large population, hence, the government took a decision to stop the spreading of this disease by total national lockdown.  

               During this time our super moms find themselves struggling to balance their daily routine. She has to manage the house with family members. Children can make it tough to stay sane when school and other activities are cancelled.   

               The first thing you should do is to avoid talking about the virus in “panicky ways". Otherwise they will panic and they will be afraid of doing anything. Keep your kids involved in some activities which make them happy, busy and learning. Try to have fun along with them at the same time try to educate your children about the importance of hand washing and keeping the social distance at the same time try to avoid them passing time in mobile and Television.  

                First you divide the day hours for the house work, children and elders. Make sure that children and also an elder should enjoy at home without getting bored. All family members gather around the dining room table this is a perfect opportunity for grandchildren to learn about their grandparent's family history.  

We can also involve children in the following.     

  • Reading newspapers which help to increase reading habits.   
  • Put in reading blocks is a fantastic activity for children as well as older adults.   
  • Drawing, painting, solving puzzles, watching a good movie and watching the news. 
  • Indoor games like carrom board, hide and sick and other regional games.   
  • Involve them in the craft idea ex.paper craft and reuse the things lying around wasted at home.   
  • Cooking is also one of the best idea to do with kids, there are so many simple recipes you try out with your children.    
  • Spend some time playing music and dancing with children physical activites are necessary to refresh the mind.  
  • Involve everyone in the morning exercise.  
  • Try to teach your children about yoga and meditation.  
Stay home stay safe.