Blog : Avengers Infinity War Explained
Avengers Infinity War Explained
Avengers Infinity War explained
Avengers Infinity War shows the culmination and joining of many movies such as Guardians of the galaxy vol 1/2 and Doctor Strange and Avengers series along with Black Panther. If anyone missed any of those movies it becomes difficult to understand what exactly is happening. To begin how did Thanos already have one of the infinity stones in his hand? Well he got it in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with the war on Ronan and the destruction of Xandar.
Now to the final scene Thanos snaps his finger and destroys exactly half the population including the Super Heroes but spares Iron Man, Nebula his daugther and a few of the others so is it the end of them all may be not. Why? And How? Well Doctor Strange goes ahead in time and sees that there is only one way to defeat Thanos and it is by saving Iron Man so he gives up the time stone to Thanos in exchange for Iron Mans life. Second Nebula the daughter of Thanos and sister of Gamora is also spared. How does it all come together then? Well as per the novel Thanos has a bigger enemy coming his way which diverts his attention during which Nebula along with Iron Man steal the Infinity Gauntlet turn back time to get back all the super heroes and defeat Thanos which should be the way it is in Avengers next part. So if you did not understand the Avengers Infinity War you would not be the only one and obviously it is very confusing.