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Morbius by Marvel Studios Postponed

Morbius by Marvel Studios and released by Sony Pictures is postponed again as per the official statement by Sony Pictures. The Marvel Legend which was supposed to arrive in 2020 has been postponed several times now. The release date for the Morbius movie was initially July 31 2020 was then moved to March 19 2021 and then further to Oct 8 2021. The surging cases and line up of english movies pushed the release date to Jan 28 2021 giving enough space for Marvels Spider-Man No way home to have a successful run at the box office. Now, however keeping in mind the growing number of Omicron Covid cases around the world and the success of Spider-Man release crossing 1 billion dollars world-wide Sony has decided to provide some more space for the Spider-Man movie and to not release the Marvel's new legand anytime soon. 

The success of Spider-Man at the box office clearly indicates the theaterical release model of Sony Pictures is working perfectly. This also plays into the idea of postponing and waiting of the environment to become normal and for people to come back to the theaters. The fans of the movie however have been waiting too long and venting their frustation on the social media platforms.